The Emperor’s New Clothes

So finally after eight years of plain HTML/CSS ATrpms does go CMS.

For a long time we didn’t know what CMS/wiki to use. I had experience in setting up mediawiki, moin, joomla, trac and a couple more, so there were many choices, and there wasn’t any clear preference on ATrpms devel/users lists. After some thought I decided to give concrete5 a go. It is a very promising CMS and it is very intuitive for the users.

ATrpms also lacked a news/blog service with feeds and all the nice stuff blogs carry with them. Concete5 does not really offer itself for blog services, so a secondary instance needed to go in. WordPress is probably the most used blogging software today and seems to do its job quite well, so ATrpms has a blog site as well.

Maybe WordPress by itself could had been the sole technology needed for setting up the new webpage. Time will tell and perhaps the two instances will merge some day.


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